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Ingrid Windram Art Therapist



 What is Art Therapy

Art therapy is is a holistic approach to promoting one's physical, mental, and emotional well-being, by utilizing art materials, and the creative process of expression. This is conducted in a safe supportive environment, with no judgment about the person or their art. Good or bad is irrelevant. It's about you and your well being


Ingrid Windram has been involved in the Art World for most of her working life.  In later years she became very interested in the impact that art imagery has on people and the related benefits that can be enjoyed  by those who choose to pursue the various ways in which Art can improve their lives. Most people are aware that viewing Artwork of any kind has the capacity to evoke an emotion, whether it be positive or negative.

Therein lies the power of Art, with its potential to access the unconscious, providing a pathway for communication, and open up a journey of discovery into ones inner self, where all our emotions reside. Doubt, insecurities, fear, uncertainty, and our beliefs, along with emotion, help shape who we are and influence our lives in a way that determines whether we are happy and fulfilled, or sadly, lost souls needing help to find our way. 

For further information, download this   Art Therapy Brochure